Two injured in Seattle shooting near Golden Gardens beach

Seattle Police responded to a shooting at Shilshole Marina Saturday night.

It happened on the 7000 block of Seaview Avenue NW. Police say there are at least two victims. One man injured enough to go to the hospital.

A large police presence was at-the-ready near where the shooting happened in preparation for a party at Golden Gardens. 

Through social media, like TikTok, there was plans to have a large-scale party at the beach. During Memorial Day Weekend, a similar party was held at Alki Beach, which resulted in fights, damaged property and arrests.

Q13 News was parked near where police were staged in preparation for the party when the shooting calls came in. Several officers took off from the parking lot to respond to the shooting.

One person who lives near where the shooting happened tells us he heard the entire incident.

"It was bam bam bam bam," said Mikey Beste. "Once we heard those, it was obviously gun shots. There was a lot of people just standing around. Those are real guns. Get behind a tree. Get behind car. I had to tell my wife that. Those are real gun shots," he added.

Police have not released any motives or the identities of any of the people involved in the shooting.

The incident is still under investigation.