Watch: Playful otters show off slip and slide skills in the snow

A group of playful otters were caught on camera making the most of recent snowfall in Seattle.

The video, filmed by Cassie Wistrom, shows the adorable otters using their bellies to slide down a deck along a snowy Lake Washington.

When one of the otters starts sliding, the other otters follow suit in the cutest of ways. Wistrom captured the moment in the Cedar Park neighborhood.

According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, river otters are fairly common in the state’s ponds, lakes, rivers and other waterways, but they’re rarely seen. The agency says otters try to stay in areas that are "ice-free" in winter, but this group apparently didn’t get the memo.

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River otters are sometimes confused with their larger cousin, the sea otter, but sea otters live in salt water and only come to shore to rest and to give birth. River otters can live in brackish, fresh or salt water, and they can travel on land for "considerable distances," the department says.