Washington State CJTC files charges against former Island County Sheriff's Sergeant

The Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission released a statement of charges against former Island County Sheriff's Office Sergeant John Nieder.

This is WSCJTC's second investigation into Nieder in the past decade, which records show was launched in August 2022.

Just months later, Nieder was arrested at his home in Skagit County in connection to allegedly raping two women he met through a dating app.

He resigned this past October as he awaits a jury trial on these accusations in January 2024.

Fox 13 found through public disclosure requests that multiple complaints were made against Nieder. Among the complainants was former Island County Sheriff's Office Deputy John Faught.

"I'm like, oh my God, it actually works. Justice is actually working," said Faught.

Faught tells FOX 13 he was employed by ICSO between 2007 and 2009 and though he never had an issue with Nieder when they worked together at the Sheriff's Office, he filed a complaint for "justice to be done."

"If the [Island County Sheriff's Office] is not going to do what they need to do, then the state needs to do what they need to do," said Faught. "[Nieder] should not be allowed to be a commissioned officer anywhere in the state."

Faught says his hopes were renewed when he was notified of WSCJTC's statement of charges against Nieder.

The statement of charges lists four counts, detailing Nieder's alleged conduct with civilians and sexual harassment against other ICSO deputies between 2014-2022 that, "failed to meet the ethical and professional standards required of a peace officer and disrupted, diminished or otherwise jeopardized public trust or confidence in the law enforcement profession."

"If something's wrong, then it needs to be spoken about. It needs to be investigated, and it needs to be corrected," said Faught.

Shortly after Nieder's resignation in October 2023, FOX 13 reached out to Island County Sheriff Rick Felici who said as the "hiring authority," he would "not rehire [John Nieder.]" Felici notes that while he did sign the administrative paperwork to promote Nieder to sergeant, he did not want to promote him and says it wasn't his decision to do so.

For now, Nieder's certification hearing is currently listed as TBD on WSCJTC's website.