Washington Lottery: What should I do if I win a big jackpot? Can I remain anonymous?

The winning numbers for Powerball's highly-anticipated $1 billion jackpot have been drawn. But what do you do if you're the lucky winner?

There are some things to remember before claiming your prize, according to Washington's Lottery office. 

How do I check if I won?

People who purchased a ticket can check by:

  • Looking up winning numbers on walottery.com.
  • Use the Washington's Lottery App found on Google Play and iTunes app stores.
  • Use the Check-A-Ticket machine found at any Lottery retailer.
  • Join My Lottery 360° to get winning numbers emailed to you every day.
  • Call the Lottery's Winning Numbers Hotline: 1-800-545-7510.
  • Check your local daily newspaper for winning numbers.
  • Ask a Lottery retailer to check your ticket for you.

What do I do if I win?

All winners are advised to keep their winnings private before turning in their tickets. But before heading to Lottery office, there are some things to remember. 

  1. Make several copies of your ticket to show your lawyer and/or accountant, according to State Farm.
  2. Sign the back of your ticket, which acts as a security measure against someone else trying to claim your winnings.
  3. Keep your ticket in a cool, secure and dry place.
  4. Protect your privacy.
  5. Put together a team which includes a lawyer, accountant and financial advisor.
  6. Make a general plan and also plan for beyond.

How do I claim my prize?

For jackpots that are $600 or less, winners can claim their prize at any of Washington's Lottery retailer subject to validation.

If the prize is more than $601, winners must claim their winnings at any Lottery office. 

When claiming a prize that is $100,000 or more, winners should call the Lottery office to receive more information and make an appointment. 

Can I remain anonymous if I claim by establishing a trust?

Winners can remain anonymous in some states, but some states will announce the identity of a winner after a certain amount of time. 

In Washington state, the Lottery office's site said as a public agency, all documents held by Washington's Lottery are subject to the Public Records Act. Lottery prizes may be claimed in the name of a legally formed entity, such as a trust. However, in the event of a public records request, the documents forming the artificial entity may be released, thereby revealing the individual names of winners.

How long do I have to claim my prize?

Winners have 180 days from the drawing date to claim their prize. 

Anyone who has any other questions, can call 1-800-HOW-2-PLAY (1-800-469-2752).

Washington's last winner

After February's Powerball drawing, Lottery officials said a ticket sold in Washington matched all six numbers.

The full jackpot is for a winner opting for an annuity distributed in one immediate but partial payout followed by additional payments over 29 years that increase by 5% annually. The winner also can opt for a one-time cash payment of $407.2 million.

Both prizes available are the amounts before taxes, Powerball said.

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The lucky Washington winner hasn't been revealed, but the winning ticket was purchased at the Fred Meyer at 801 Auburn Way North in Auburn.