WINDOW OR AISLE? Air Canada propeller slices through cabin window

EDMONTON, Canada -- A passenger aboard an Air Canada flight making an emergency landing at Edmonton International Airport due to a blown tire said a propeller came off and lodged in her window, injuring her.

The photo of the propeller, posted on Facebook by a friend of passenger Christina Kurylo, took off on social media.

Below is a link to the CNN video from CTV:


Kurylo told CTV News she is happy that she was able to walk away from the incident.

She is quoted by CTV as saying, "Once we landed, we were driving for a bit. It was really, really bumping and I looked back and the tires were all shredded up and flapping. All of a sudden something came crashing through my window and I got hit in the head. ... I feel so lucky and blessed to have walked away with what I walked away with.”

The aircraft was a Bombardier Q-400.