Woman breaks into elementary school in Kent, police say

Police arrested a woman suspected of breaking into an elementary school in Kent early Monday morning.

Kent Police were alerted to an alarm going off at Soos Creek Elementary School around 2:11 a.m., and the alarm company called 911 to report they saw intruders on surveillance video.

Several officers arrived and surrounded the building.

They found a broken window likely used by the suspect, whom they could still hear inside the building. Police say a 23-year-old Kent woman came out from the southwest door looking "bewildered" and holding several items. She dropped everything and ran.

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Officers ran after her and ordered her to stop, eventually catching up with her at a perimeter fence, grabbing her before she could hop over.

Further investigation revealed the woman appeared to have broken into the building by smashing a window in with an axe. Police booked her into King County Jail for first-degree burglary, third-degree possession of stolen property, second-degree malicious mischief, possession of burglary tools, possession of dangerous weapons on school grounds, and obstruction.