Woman shot inside Renton theater blames Regal Cinemas; surveillance video released

RENTON, Wash. -- The woman shot inside a Renton movie theater hired an attorney and spoke to reporters for the first time Friday.

New surveillance video shows Michelle Mallari running out of a movie theater seconds after being shot in the shoulder.

A short time later, police say, the man who shot her, Dane Gallion, walks out of that same theater and drops a handgun magazine in the trash before leaving.

“My ears started ringing. It started to hurt here,” Mallari said, pointing to her shoulder.

Mallari said that about 30 minutes into watching the movie ‘13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi’, she felt a sharp pain in her right shoulder.

“I heard a loud bang; she started saying, 'Ouch, ouch,” said Mallari’s partner, identified only as Richard.

The couple only realized Mallari had been shot when they were in the theater lobby.

“It`s pretty traumatic for both of us,” Richard said.

Police reported that witnesses said Gallion appeared drunk, stumbling into the theater at Regal Cinemas Stadium 14 at The Landing in Renton.

He said his gun accidentally went off.

Mallari is angry at Gallion but also at Regal Cinemas.

“Did they ask where I was at? There were no questions,” Mallari said.

“There was no protocol, it was business as usual. She says the concession stand was still operating,” attorney Karen Koehler said.

Their disbelief worsened when they say an employee gave them these two readmission tickets to see another movie.

“I am still angry by this situation,” Richard said.

The theater does have a sign banning firearms but the couple wants more done.

“There should be more security,” Mallari said.

“Metal detectors, if they have to,” Richard said.

The couple wouldn`t answer if they had plans to sue the theater, but their attorney says Gallion needs to be charged with more than just assault.

“An idiot decided somehow to go with a loaded weapon into a movie theater and made Bozo moves all the way around and almost killed someone,” Koehler said.

Detectives say Gallion admitted to loading the chamber of his gun when he sat down to watch the movie. Police said the 29-year-old told detectives several stories, including that the gun fired when he dropped it by accident.  Gallion allegedly told police he carried his gun into the theater because he was worried about mass shootings and wanted to protect himself.

“You should have stayed home if you felt that way,” Mallari said.

The bullet is still lodged in Mallari’s body; doctors told her it was too risky to take it out.

Although Mallari wished the theater had done more, under state law it is not illegal for people with a concealed carry permit to carry a gun into a movie theater. Gallion did have such a permit.

Multiple calls to Regal Cinemas' corporate office were not returned Friday.