5 stretches in 7 minutes to alleviate work-from-home pain


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Working from home has come with a lot of benefits, but the downsides are obvious. Most of you can physically feel the pain from working remotely, like in your neck and shoulders or your lower back.

In this week's Healthy Living, we're checking in with a physical therapist about how to alleviate that pain by showing you five easy stretches you can do anytime, anywhere.

"So it’s going to be a staggered stance, thoracic rotation so upper back. You’re going to get one foot in front of the other and back forward," said Lindsey Doan, Physical Therapist at GO PT at South Lake Union.

We met up with a physical therapist, Lindsey Doan at South Lake Union Park in Seattle, to try out some quick and easy stretches that can be done in seven minutes or less.

"Put your hands up like this, turn your thumbs back behind you but you're going to squeeze your elbows down and back towards your back pockets," said Doan.

That's called the standing W, which targets shoulder pain and tension.

Doan says it's a personal favorite that she uses on her patients at Go PT.

"We'll see the low back pain, the neck and shoulder pain is definitely very common," said Doan.

She says there is no such thing as perfect posture, at home or at the office.

But if we're spending a lot of time working from home, on back-to-back Zoom meetings, Doan has this advice.

"Every one to two hours, maybe go switch and sit at your desk or a kitchen table, or stand up for a while. Go on a walk and come back to that. It’s more about movement variability than it is about perfect posture," explained Doan.

The hip flexor stretch is up next. Tuck your tail bone and bend your knee.

"Reach up towards the sky and out and over and back down," said Doan.

If you're sitting for too long, try the hamstring and adductor stretch.

"Just rock back feeling that in the hamstring," said Doan.

To work those adductor muscles kick your leg out to the side and rock back and forth again. Don’t forget to alternate legs.

Doan says then end the five exercise series with five step back lunges to get your blood flowing.

Doan says if your pain lingers for more than a couple of days and interferes with your work or daily activity, call your doctor or reach out to a physical therapist. Doan says pain can be fixed in as little as two visits with a couple of tricks and easy exercises.


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