Earl Thomas says show of unity might have been a distraction for Seahawks

SEATTLE – Earl Thomas said the Seattle Seahawks’ show of unity during the national anthem before last Sunday’s game might have been a factor in his poor play.

“It just kinda knocked our work-week off,” Thomas said during a press conference at the VMAC on Wednesday. “We had a big meeting and it was so dramatic, and you kinda get out of football mode.

“You just kind of go back and see what you did prior leading up to it, and I guess that was something out of the norm that we really wouldn’t do.”

Thomas, a perennial All-Pro safety missed several tackles and was way behind receiver Kenny Stills on a deep first quarter pass that would’ve been a sure touchdown if Stills hadn’t dropped it.

Thomas said he was so upset after the game, he didn’t even stick around for a shower.

“I just put my tights on and my shorts and slippers and got out of there,” he said. “Jumped in my Rolls and went home.”

Thomas said he had a hard time finding his flow in the game.

“I wasn’t in rhythm at all,” he said. “I wasn’t tied in with the defense.

“… I was just a couples steps off and it really showed, especially in the open field when I missed those tackles.”