Homeless 'mansion' pops up near Space Needle

A group of homeless people built a tent "mansion" in a small patch of grass between Third Avenue and Broad Street. It's a half a block from Seattle's most famous tourist attraction and surrounded by multi-million dollar high-rise condos.

Glass panels weighing over a ton each being installed on Space Needle

SEATTLE -- Forty-eight glass panels weighing more than a ton each are being hauled up the length of the Space Needle, where they will replace the outer cage on the observation deck to create  a floor-to-ceiling glass viewing experience.It's another step in the structure's multiyear face-lift that began last summer.The Space Needle's elevators were too small for the glass panels, so a crane had to be used to haul the panels 520 feet up in the air.The renovation work on the Space Needle is expected to be completed by May.