Timelapse video from top of Space Needle shows Seattle's incredible growth in recent years

SEATTLE -- Seattle has changed a lot in the last few years, and a new timelapse video is showing the city's rapid growth.

Google engineer Ricardo Martin Brualla created the timelapse from a 360-degree webcam mounted on top of the Space Needle.

The video shows vividly the growth, from Queen Anne to Lake Union to Capitol Hill.

Since 2015, the camera has been taking a panoramic shot of the city every 10 minutes.

Brualla explained on Medium how he made the video:

"I started with two full panoramas a day for the last two years, more than 2000 panos. Then, the sequence was stabilized, as the camera shakes and moves over time, either by being knocked, or because of the wind and other forces of nature. The final step was to smooth temporally the sequence, to remove the variation due to weather and lighting conditions."

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