By bike or by feet -- do I need my ID on me?

Q: Do I need to carry my ID while riding my bicycle or walking down the street? Do I have to show my ID to an officer if stopped? -- JoeA: "That's an excellent question.  In the state of Washington you're required to carry a vaild driver's license or ID if you're in a motor vehicle.  If you're walking or riding your bike you are not.  In other words, you do not have to have an actual card or ID with you.  However, it's important to know that if you are stopped by a police officer.  And, that person has resonable suspicion to ask you for your identification, you have to give your real name.  In other words, you can be charged with providing a false name to a police officer if you don't give your actual identity, your actual name.  Of course a police officer can only stop you and ask you for your identity and your name, if in fact that officer has reasonable suspicion to believe that you need to be identified because of an infraction or a crime.  So, hope that answers your question.  We get that quite a lot.  You're not required to carry an actual card or an ID with you if you're walking, or riding your bicycle." -- Bremerton police Chief Steve Strachan