Deputy's injured daughter back on the court coaching others

Deputy’s injured daughter coaches othersPIERCE COUNTY -- Four years ago this week, a car accident paralyzed Richelle Heacock from the chest down. Richelle, the daughter of a Pierce County sheriff's deputy, was on her way home from Oregon to attend a memorial with her dad for deputy Kent Mundel when she crashed. The accident ended her college volleyball career, but that hasn't stopped her from getting back on the court. Now, once a week, she and her mother Peg make the two-hour trip from their home in Ashford near Mt. Rainier to Nevillizms, a volleyball training facility in Bellevue. "I was kind of lost after my accident and stuff and to be able to come back into the gym was really healing. It was good," Richelle said "She tells us if we mess up on our serves and how to step up quick and how to get the balls and how to concentrate," said volleyball player Zachary Moudmoud. Richelle is one of the most positive people you'll ever meet, so it's frustrating that her recovery is slow. "If you`re not on the court, the best thing to do is to be able to teach other people how to play," Richelle said. When she was first injured she couldn't feel her hands. "Now, I can.  They`re just tingly all the time like if your hand fell asleep which is kind of annoying but it`s better than no feeling at all," she said. The one thing you need to know about Richelle is that she has tons of faith. It's even tattooed on her foot. "She’ll never give up and I will not ever give up in helping her overcome and get back on her feet,” said her mom Peg Heacock. It's that positive attitude and hard work she's handing down to the next generation of players. "So many people poured their knowledge into me, so being able to invest that in other people is the best part," Richelle said.