Macklemore and 'Runway to Freedom' fashion show to benefit survivors of domestic violence

SEATTLE -- Macklemore sings about the Thrift Shop but he’s putting his star power behind an event that is all about fashion.

The Runway to Freedom 5 Fashion Show is being held Nov. 14th at the Showbox Theatre in Seattle.  Seven designers will be featured. The event benefits survivors of domestic violence and Mary’s Place, a shelter for homeless women and children.

Lauren Grinnell is a stylist and domestic violence survivor who founded the Runway to Freedom.

“It affects 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men so it’s pretty huge,” said Grinnell.

Macklemore was on board from the start.

"He was our host the first year in 2010 so this is the 5th year and it's really exciting to have him be doing the meet and greet for VIP attendees and to sit in the audience to watch this creation," she said.

You can purchase tickets to the event at