My ex-boyfriend's back -- and he wants my cell phone

Q: My ex-boyfriend wants my cell phone. He paid for it, but it's in my name. He's been trying to come to my house to get it. Can he take it back? -- CynthiaA: "We get questions like this all the time at police department's and sheriff's offices. It's a difficult answer, but it's relatively simple. In a situation like this. First of all, it's a civil matter. This is something you really need to work out with that person. It's important to note however that if this person is using threats or threats of violence, or is trying to harass you, that's really a domestic violence issue, if it's a boyfriend or ex-boyfriend, and something you should deal with as a domestic violence issue. Maybe seek an order for protection or restraining order. But, at the end of the day, it's a civil matter and if he wants to do it the right way, and he really feels it's his property, he should file a claim in small claims court." -- Bremerton police Chief Steve Strachan