Cold, foggy mornings with afternoon sun ahead

Are you ready for a seriously gorgeous weekend of weather? It doesn't get much better than sunshine in Seattle in my opinion!

Any lingering clouds clear by mid-afternoon, giving way to brilliant sunshine. Highs will reach about 50 degrees today. 

Tomorrow and Monday will start off chilly. Fog (even freezing fog, particularly for the South Sound) is possible. Low-handing clouds should lift by roughly 10-11 a.m. Sunday and Monday.

It's not just going to be cold Sunday and Monday mornings. Low temps all week will drop into the 30s. The coldest morning in Seattle looks to be Thursday (of course, this could change). Right now, we're forecasting a low of 33 degrees!

We stay dry through Monday. Lowland rain and mountain snow return Tuesday and Wednesday. There could be enough snow to cause some problems over the passes – we'll have to track that. We're forecasting far less rain from this event compared to what we had last Monday. Finally, we're watching for possible cold and gusty north winds to blow through the Fraser River Valley Tuesday night to Wednesday; this means the North Sound could be especially chilly. 

Hope you catch FOX 13 this weekend!

Thanks so much for watching, 

Meteorologist Abby Acone 

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