More November rain for Western Washington

Rain at times for the next few days. Most places have already seen more than 4" of rain so far this month, so November is definitely living up to its reputation of being our wettest month of the year.

Today we'll see rain at times around most of the coast with a few breaks here and there in the action. We'll be breezy with south winds about 10-20 mph, but nothing as intense as the 40-80 mph wind gusts we saw around Western Washington yesterday. 

We'll be much cooler than yesterday's record high of 63. A reality check from Mother Nature as temps only make it up the normal around 50 this afternoon. The jet stream is taking a big dip to our south, so we'll have some rainy periods to get through and seasonal temps this week before we get a brief break for part of the weekend. 

At this point, it looks like we're going to see some dry weather building into the region for late Friday and all of Saturday. Late Saturday night we look to get a front sweep through while most of us are sleeping. For Sunday, I'm thinking that front might move through before breakfast and the next rain-maker might hold off until late afternoon-- so we might end up with much of the middle part of the day looking pretty pleasant. How much sun we'd see between weather systems is still a big question mark. 

Next week looks pretty seasonal with rain at times leading up to Thanksgiving. Seasonal temps for the lowlands around 50 degrees will mean that we will get lowland rain and plenty of snow for the resorts and passes. -Tim Joyce