Seattle weather: Slowly warming into Friday with long-awaited summer heat this weekend!

Seattle hit just 68 on Wednesday which is four degrees below average. The heat returns this weekend though, and it will be hot. 

Our cooler pattern is all thanks to low pressure passing just to the north of us. This keeps our temperatures slightly cooler than normal under mostly to partly cloudy skies. 

Highs Thursday will look similar to Wednesday, landing in the mid to upper 60s with some areas, in the South Sound, warming to the low 70s.

As we push into Friday the low just to the north of us will continue on its way and move east. This will open the door for temperatures to climb into the mid 70s Friday as high pressure starts to build into the Northwest. 

Our three-day heat wave starts Saturday as highs soar into the 80s for the first time this year. Temperatures will continue to climb Sunday as high pressure strengthens. We're forecasting upper 80s Sunday into Monday with some spots, like the foothills, jumping into the low 90s.

Please remember with highs well above average we need to hydrate, use sunscreen, and limit time outdoors. Also, don't forget to check on elderly neighbors or friends during this time. Exposure to heat like this only takes 15 minutes to burn our bodies if unprotected.

Don't worry if you're not a fan of the 80s and 90s we will cool off Tuesday. We'll swing back into a more traditional forecast with marine air increasing onshore flow. Highs will fall off into the mid to low 70s under partly to mostly cloudy skies! Enjoy!

Have a great night all! ~Erin Mayovsky, Forecaster

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