12-year-old rescued after falling 20 feet down a well during recess in Marysville

Photo from Marysville Fire Department

Marysville Firefighters rescued a 12-year-old boy who fell into a well while playing on it during recess.

Firefighters said the boy told them he was standing on a concrete lid of the well during recess at St. Mary Parish when it partially collapsed and he fell through it. 

The boy fell about 20 feet down, and firefighters arrived and found him hanging onto a plastic pipe in the well. He was partially submerged in the water and was unable to touch the bottom. 

Firefighters were able to lower a helmet and life jacket into the well so the boy could put those on as they worked to get him out. 

The remaining portion of the well cover was connected to chains at the top of the well and it started to crumble. Crews delicately removed the remaining concrete and used a ladder to get the boy out.

The boy was able to climb out on his own and only had a few cuts on his head.  

He was sent to Providence Regional Medical Center for an evaluation. 

"It was inspiring to see the quiet, effective, methodical work of each individual working towards the objective," Fire Chief Ned Vander Pol said. "It was a clear visual display of competent professional firefighters doing the work for which they have trained."  

Marysville Police, Everett Fire and Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue all responded.