Suspect in deadly Auburn shooting kills 2 in head-on crash while fleeing the scene

Three people died early Saturday morning as a result of a shooting that led to a head-on crash, according to Auburn Police. 

According to police, a person was shot at Les Gove Park just after midnight. They later died from their injuries at the hospital. 

The suspect then left the scene in a Porshe Cayenne on 15th Street Northwest and crashed head-on into a Honda Accord minutes later. 

Both the driver and passenger in the Honda were killed. 

The suspect had a woman in the car with. Both were sent to the hospital. The female is expected to survive but the condition of the suspect is unknown. 

It's unknown if the suspect knew the shooting victim or if there was any impairment. 

The family of Bobby Sisouvong, 27, said he was in the Honda with his friend James Davis when the suspect’s vehicle crashed into them. 

"James and Bobbie do not deserve their lives to be ended so soon. They had such a great future ahead of them," said Van Phane, aunt of Sisouvong. "Hug your loved ones like they always say, it’s true, you don’t know when it’s going to end. Hug them, tell them you love them."

Phane said her nephew was the quiet one in the family, and had a positive energy that all his little cousins were drawn to.

"Bobby is really special to us. So talented and so sweet. Anyone that knows him, knows he’s there for you," said Phane. "He was a singer. He played guitar. He was into the Comic-Con stuff. He was a great chef. He was always the one who asked me first, auntie do you need any help in the kitchen. I always kicked him out because I am a control kitchen person, but I let him help me once in a while."

Phane said Sisouvong and Davis were good friends, and Davis was just beginning his college career.

"He’s such a great person as well. Him and Bobby were like young, 20-somethings getting on with their lives. James just started going to school and getting his career started in college," said Phane.

The gofundme pages for Sisouvong and Davis have collectively raised thousands of dollars to help pay for memorial services.

This is a developing story.

Auburn police expect to provide an update on Monday morning. 

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