6 seniors suspended for allegedly being drunk at school assembly

PUYALLUP -- The Puyallup School District is investigating six seniors from Rogers High School who are accused of showing up drunk at a school assembly.

"What if one of them got behind the wheel of a car and killed somebody," asked one concerned mom. "I think it needs to be out there that this is going on."

The incident apparently happened during an assembly Tuesday morning to honor the senior class.

"You could tell some kids walking out of there, they were stumbling," said Aaron, a junior student.

"They were getting taken out of the assembly one by one," said Brendan, also a junior. "I think they could smell it, smell the alcohol on them."

Brian Fox, spokesman for the school district, said, "This is certainly something we don’t want to sweep under the rug."

Fox said the parents of the six accused seniors were called in to take them home and they were suspended for the rest of the week while the district investigates.

"Discipline is clearly a part of the process, but the intent is to help whenever there’s a substance concern," said Fox.

The punishment could be anything from going to a substance abuse program to not walking at the graduation ceremony this weekend.