Adorable grandma initially confused by reddit, finds internet fame thanks to sweetest Valentine photos

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky -- Each year Springhurst Pines senior living community holds a special Valentine’s Day party for its residents.

Each year as part of the party the staff crowns a King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

This year ‘Grandma MaryAnn’ was crowned Princess and her granddaughter Jen was there to witness it.

Jen posted four photos from the celebration to reddit early Friday morning.

“My Grandma was crowned "Princess of Springhurst Pines" tonight for Valentine's,” wrote Jen on reddit. “She asked if I would please show all the Reddit People!”

You see Grandma MaryAnn has become a huge reddit fan.

Jen wrote that her grandmother especially loves the ‘aww’ subreddit where people share the most adorable photos.

“I go visit her several times a week in her nursing home and we sit there, I pull up Reddit and we call it our ‘Awwww Hour’ where I just show her all of your babies that you submit and it absolutely fills her heart with JOY and wonder,” wrote Jen.

Jen says it took her months for Grandma MaryAnn to really understand reddit and how people use it.

But after submitting a previous photo of her Grandma that was seen by thousands of people Jen wrote that her Grandma absolutely lost it.

“She couldn't even comprehend it. But, after much explaining on how it works, she relaxed and couldn't believe that many people ‘would care about an old woman like her,” wrote Jen. “But, she was smitten with everyone's comments.”

So when Grandma MaryAnn asked Jen to post her Valentine’s Princess photos to reddit there was no hesitation. Jen did it immediately.

Within three hours the gallery of four photos had been upvoted to the top spot on the front page.

But even in posting the photos Jen thanked those who regularly contribute, adding to the time she gets to spend with her grandma.

“Thanks for submitting your AWWWS for us to share together, it makes our time together SO special when we giggle and laugh and just really make fun memories together,” wrote Jen. “I know it keeps her young!”

It also helps Grandma MaryAnn continue to live out the final wish her husband had for the love of his life before he passed away.

“Right before my grandpa died a few months ago, he told grandma, ‘Promise me two things: Keep on wearing your lipstick and doing your nursing home activities,’” wrote Jen.