After calling Social Security for years, 80-year-old homeless woman proves she's owed $100K

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- After more than a decade of fighting, 80-year-old Wanda Witter finally proved she was owed nearly $100,000 from Social Security.

She moved to Washington D.C. in the 1990s, but when she couldn't find a job, she ended up living on the streets. Years later, she started accepting Social Security benefits, but the check amounts were never the same, The Washington Post reported this week.

Witter made countless calls, yet couldn't get any answers. In the meantime, she refused to cash the checks.

“If I just cashed them, who would believe me that they were wrong?” Witter told The Washington Post.

For years, she carried around three suitcases full of documents, proving she deserved the benefits. Most people brushed her off as mentally ill.

Then Witter was connected with a social worker.

“She had all the paperwork there, neatly organized, in order. She was right all along. They did owe her all that money,” Julie Turner.

Witter recently received a check for $99,999. Last week, she moved into an apartment in D.C. Her attorney said she may be owed more money.