Anti-gentrification protesters block Microsoft shuttles on Capitol Hill

SEATTLE -- Two protesters holing a sign that read "Gentrification Stops Here," attempted to halt corporate shuttles used to pick up Microsoft workers from continuing on their routes Monday morning, the Capitol Hill Blog reported.

Around 8:40 a.m., police were called to the intersection Pine Street and Bellevue Avenue with reports of two masked protesters standing in front of a fleet of corporate shuttles meant to ferry workers from Capitol Hill to the Microsoft Campus in Redmond.

The protesters were handing out fliers that read, "Gentrification starts Here, let's stop it here!" claiming the transportation buses, known as the Microsoft Connection "is an active agent in the hyper-gentrification of Capitol HIll and other rapidly transforming Seattle neighborhoods."

"It's time to ask ourselves if this sterile future is the one we want to inhabit," the handout read. "It's time to finally stop this insane orgy of technology, development, and greed."

Traffic and city buses were delayed for a short time.

The Capitol Hill Blog reported the small protest mimics similar style "crunchies vs. crappies" protesters speaking out against rising apartment and rental costs in San Francisco.