Archie McPhee cooks up macaroni and cheese-flavored candy canes

Fall is here, but you can forget about the influx of pumpkin spice-flavored treats.

Photo: Archie McPhee

Seattle-based store Archie McPhee, which prides itself on "bringing strange and amazing things to the world" for more than three decades, wants to make macaroni and cheese-flavored candy canes a thing.

The candy canes are described as "comfort food-flavored comfort food" and boast yellow and white stripes.

According to Instagram user @junkfoodmom's official review, the "sweetness overpowers the flavor eventually" so the instant macaroni-flavored candy canes are "doable."

Food website Delish noted the store also sells gray and white-striped "Clamdy Canes" that have a "clammy flavoring" if you're feeling even more adventurous.

The cheesy treats come in sets of six and are currently on sale for $4.95 (regularly $5.95).