Beware: Door-to-door scammer poses as Boys & Girls Clubs fundraiser

SEATTLE -- There’s a knock at your door.  It’s someone collecting donations for the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County.  The only problem -- it’s a scam.

Even if you have one of these “No Soliciting” signs on your front door, you’ve probably had your fair share of people knocking anyway.

“…Magazine sales, meat sales, alarms, charities, you name it,” said David Quinlan, Northwest vice president of marketing for the Better Business Bureau.

How about the Boys & Girls Clubs of King County?

“That’s something we just don’t do,” said Eric Watkins, executive club director of the Southwest Branch Boys & Girls Club of King County.

But it’s too little too late for some people who’ve opened up their wallets.

“We’ve seen them go into neighborhoods and then disperse and then they’re in that neighborhood for one week or a couple of days even and then they disappear and they’re gone,” said Quinlan.

Sounds like these stupid crooks tipped themselves off to would-be victims.

“We know you donated last year, we know you bought magazines last year and a lot of people are saying, you know, they didn’t,” said Watkins.

“Anytime you have someone trying to make you sign on the dotted line there on the spot, that’s a giant red flag,” said Quinlan.

Not just taking your money, but taking needed items out of the hands of kids who need them.

“Twenty dollars at a clubhouse can go a long way, whether it be for our arts and crafts supplies, new game room equipment, new sports equipment,” said Watkins.

So when in doubt, take a deep breath, do some research and wait to give.

“Come to us directly, make contact with us directly, so that way they know where their funds are going to and they can see their funds are helping out at any Boys and Girls Club,” said Watkins.