Boy sentenced to 9 years to life in prison for rape, savage assault on 8-year-old girl

KENT -- A 14-year-old boy who lured, raped and brutalized an 8-year-old girl in Kent last November was sentenced as an adult Friday to 93 months  to life in prison.

The mother of the victim was in court and she wasn't the only one with some choice words for teenage rapist Michael Harrell.

"Ultimately, it was your choice to beat and rape an 8-year-old girl and to leave her unconscious in the field," King County Superior Court Judge Bill Bowman said. "That was your choice, nobody else's."

Police say the teenager lured the young girl into the woods on Nov. 7, 2013, by promising to show her a surprise.  Instead, he raped her and beat her, possibly hitting her in the head with a pipe, police said. After the attack, the girl, bleeding from severe head wounds, staggered inside the nearby hotel wearing only a T-shirt and socks. A clerk called police.

On Friday, Harrell declined to say anything at his sentencing.

But the victim's mother spoke out in court, saying her little girl and her family will never be the same.

"My daughter to this day still screams in her sleep," the mother said. "She wets the bed now. She cries all day."

And, she said, she's still recovering from the head trauma caused by the attack.