'Build the wall' chant at high school football game in Utah sparks controversy

WOODS CROSS, Utah – Some students at a Utah high school football game started chanting, “build the wall,” and not everyone is happy about it, according to KSTU.

Students are seen in a 10 second video clip chanting, “Build a wall” during Friday night’s football game at Woods Cross High. A cutout of President Trump can also be seen in the crowd.

Ayelen Almada, a former Woods Cross High student, was at the game with her 16 year-old sister and a friend. She asked them to stop.

Almada asked, “Would it be OK if you guys didn't hold it up, it just makes us uncomfortable. And they're like sure,” she said.

But minutes later, they started back up.

“They start holding up the sign and chanting, 'Build the wall. Build the wall.' That's when our friend started recording,” Almada said.

Almada’s sister threw a water bottle at the crowd and yelled at them to quiet down.

“They grabbed a large Gatorade bottle and just chucked it at her stomach,” Almada said.

What hurt the most she said, is how students hurled anti-immigration insults in the guise of a football chant.

“Whether you support it or not, it`s not really something you should bring to an environment on a Friday night where kids are there to have fun together as a school," Almada said.

Almada made a plea on social media for people to call Woods Cross High and complain about the chant. Her efforts may have made a difference.

The Davis School District sent Fox 13 this statement:

“It has come to our attention that a student-led chant has led to some serious concerns in our community. Many introspective discussions have taken place at Woods Cross High since that time, and school administrators, as well as students involved in the chant, apologize for it and will move forward in a greater effort to treat everyone with respect and kindness.”

Almada is happy that the district took the authority to put a stop to something that many people were upset over. Still, she isn’t confident they’ll enforce it. She encourages people to speak out if they encounter this issue again.