Burien continues to ignore $1M offer from King County to address homelessness crisis

King County officials say they are willing to provide the city of Burien with $1 million to help address its homelessness crisis, but the city is not taking the offer.

On Tuesday, members of an organization called The More We Love worked to move a homeless encampment in downtown Burien.

"Nobody wants to be living in this hell, but the fact of the matter is it’s drug addiction, and that drags you down to the depths of despair. So, it’s our job to lift them up and out of that," said Kristine Moreland, the director of The More We Love.

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The encampment is located on SW 152nd Street at the shopping center near the city's library, where the controversy around this issue began.

Since the spring, the homeless encampment has moved four times: from the library, to SW 152nd and 6th Avenue SW, then to Dottie Harper Park, and now at SW 152nd and 4th Avenue.

Moreland says they were hired by the property owner to clear the site. 

She says they provide services to the people who want them, but can only help those willing to accept their assistance.

King County officials tell FOX 13 News that they are willing to provide $1 million and resources to the City of Burien to deal with its homelessness issue.

The offer was made months ago. All the city of Burien has to do is find an appropriate site for shelters, said Chase Gallagher, a spokesperson for King County.

However, the money still sits on the table. 

Months later, Burien City Officials tell FOX 13 News they are now working to find an appropriate site.

City council directed the city manager to look for potential sites for temporary housing, then present the information to the council, said Devin Chicras, a spokesperson for Burien.