Campers, boaters could see fee hikes at Washington state parks

A tent at a campsite near Quilcene, Washington.

Camping and mooring boats at Washington State Parks may be a little more expensive next year. 

The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission is considering increasing fees to book sites, according to the Washington State Standard.

The proposed increases will supposedly help the agency catch up with inflation over the last few years. Prices for camping were last updated in 2020 and for mooring in 2015.

Under the new fee proposal, camping price will increase by no more than $6, though prices are dependent on the location of the site and time of year you book it.

The current price of a basic campsite with no hookups is $32 during the peak season of May through September. Under the new plan, that will jump to $37. 

Sites with full electric, water and sewer hookups could jump to $56 during peak season.

According to the Washington State Standard, camping fees are the second largest source of money for the State Parks, bringing in about $23 million last year at more than 6,400 sites.

But rates for staying overnight in State Parks haven’t been adjusted in the last four years, despite rising costs. 

For boats, the daily moorage minimum fee is $15. That could increase to $23 minimum under the new proposal. A yearly minimum could jump from $60 to $80. Commissioners said these are still significantly lower than the mooring fees at private facilities across the state. 

The camping price adjustment would likely bring in another $3.12 million each year for State Parks, and the mooring fees would bring in another $200,000 each year, according to the Washington State Standard. 

The cost of a Discover Pass to get into a park will not change. 

The new fees must be approved by the State Parks and Recreation Commission Director, who will likely give the final approval this month. 

If approved, the reservation changes will be implemented in 2025. 

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