CAUGHT: Violent high-risk rapist convicted of targeting teen at bus stop turns himself in

KENT, Wash -- After being featured on the Washington's Most Wanted Facebook page, convicted rapist Kendal Duncan turned himself in to authorities at the Regional Justice Center in Kent Saturday. Duncan first lured a 16 year old girl into his web by wooing her at a bus stop where she was waiting to go home after summer school. He told her his name was "Wall". From there, they talked on the phone and through social media. She would never meet him in person though, and DOC officers say that made Duncan mad. DOC officers say the girl stopped communicating with Duncan, knowing she'd got herself into something bad -- but it was too late -- because Duncan had figured out where she lived. "Eventually he showed up at her house one day. He got very aggressive with her, which led to a brutal rape. He held her for hours against her will,” said Department of Corrections Ofc. Emily Isaacs. “She tried to get away. He held her there. He kept her there. Just kept raping her continuously over a several hour period. When she was finally able to get away she locked herself in the bathroom, waited for him to leave. She called her mom and they called the police." Duncan's huge rap sheet also includes a liquor store robbery where he took one of the bottles of booze he stole and smashed it against a clerk's face who tried stopping him. That same night he was shot outside a bar in SeaTac. Kendale Duncan is 31 years old and inked with those tattoos you saw that are all over his arms, back and stomach. DOC officers say he goes by the nickname, "Lil Wallnutt", and a bunch of fake names like Lewis, Miguel, and Ronald.