City road crews working to fix potholes before rainy season

City crews around the Puget Sound region are ramping up efforts to fix potholes before fall’s wet weather kicks in.

The City of Tacoma recently had crews out on Tacoma Mall Boulevard, patching and repairing trouble spots.

The city says the area is one of the largest business districts in the city, and they’re trying to get road work done now, before holiday shoppers flock to the stores.

“With the amount we’re going to have people in here doing shopping for the holidays and going to the restaurants, we just like to get in here about a month or two before that and make sure the roads are as passable as possible and have the best ride possible,” says Mason Moore, a supervisor with the Tacoma Public Works Division.

If you know of a pothole in your area that needs fixing – the city would like to know about it.  You can report it by dialing 311, or reporting it on the city’s website.