Cops: Woman uses butcher knife in random attack on West Seattle mother, baby

SEATTLE -- A West Seattle woman is recovering after she was randomly attacked with a large butcher knife while pushing her baby in a stroller Monday, Seattle police say.

Kierra Monet Ward, 26, is being held in King County Jail on charges of first and second degree assault, court records show.

The King County Prosecutor's Office requested her bail be set at $400,000 because of the "extreme danger" she poses to community.

According to charging documents:

The victim was walking with her infant son on the sidewalk Monday afternoon near the intersection of 41st Avenue Southwest and SW College Street when she heard footsteps behind her. She heard the footsteps increasing in speed, so she moved to the side to allow the person to pass.

As she moved to the side, the victim was suddenly attacked by a stranger with a large butcher knife.

The attacker, later identified as Ward, slashed several times at the victim's face and head. The victim tried to protect herself and her young son, and she pushed the stroller away and screamed for help.

Neighbors heard her screams and came outside. One person grabbed the victim's baby and ran with it to safety. Another neighbor helped keep Ward away, allowing the victim to escape.

The victim made it to a front yard of a nearby home and collapsed.

She suffered a large cut above her eye, a cut on the back of her head and several minor cuts to her nose and chin. She also suffered an extensive cut on her hand. Her current condition is not known.

Authorities said her baby was not physically harmed.

Ward ran away after being confronted. Police found her a short time later sitting on the sidewalk holding the knife. After "considerable dialogue," she put down the knife and was arrested.

Ward is listed as homeless, and has no known criminal history.

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