Cost to get new Washington license plates will increase by $40 starting July 1

Fees to get new Washington state license plates and to replace them will increase starting July 1. The increase was put in place to help fund Move Ahead Washington, the nearly $17 billion transportation package signed into law earlier this year.

The following increases will take place on July 1, according to the Department of Licensing. 

License plate fees: 

  • Original plate: Increases from $10 to $50
  • Replacement plate: Increases from $10 to $30
  • Original motorcycle plate: Increases from $4 to $20
  • Replacement motorcycle plate: Increases from $4 to $12

Temporary permits: 

These are provided by auto dealers to buyers for use until permanent plates are received.

  • Increases from $15 to $40

Stolen vehicle check:

Affects vehicles previously registered in another state and registering for the first time in Washington. The vehicle is checked against national and state databases for any titling or other issues.

  • Increases from $15 to $50 (then to $75 starting July 1, 2026)

Applications received on or after July 1 must reflect the increase, even if the mailed payment is postmarked earlier.

You can find more information on the increased fees here.