Covid-19 positive family struggles getting essentials while quarantining

One family in Grays Harbor County says COVID-19 is preventing them from being able to get the basic essentials.

In October, Josh Walz and his family made a big move to Grays Harbor County. He said the move gave him and his family an opportunity at a fresh start.

"We definitely love the seclusion," said Walz.

However, that seclusion is now making it a challenge for Walz and his family. He says he, his fiancée and her son have all tested positive for COVID-19.

The whole family is quarantining, and because of this he says they are having a difficult time getting things they need.

"There’s not much we can do, but just sit back and wait," he said. "Trying to get, and make sure that we have enough food to maintain our livelihood here while we’re stuck in our domicile has been a struggle like no other," Walz added.

Because of the move, they do not know a lot of folks in the area. So, they don’t have anyone who can help with groceries.

Walz says family is not an option either. His mom is disabled, and his fiancée’s family is also quarantining.

He says he ordered food from Amazon, but they do not have mail on their property, and they do not feel comfortable going to their P.O. box due to their positive COVID-19 results.

As for delivery services, like grocery stores and third party apps, Walz says they live too far out for that option, which is ironic, because both Walz and his fiancée work for a third-party app delivery service.

He’s also tried reaching out to local Grays Harbor County charities but is not getting anywhere.

"You get to the point of calling number after number because the one before said they can’t help, or they need you to call this number. It gets exhausting," he said.

 Since neither Walz nor his fiancé are working, the bills are now starting to pile up too.

"We feel honestly hopeless. It’s an extremely hopeless feeling," he said.

He says he’s gotten to a point where he does not know where else to turn.

"Help, help is what we need," he said.

For anyone interested in helping out or reaching out to Walz, you can contact him via his email: