Deion Sanders wants to play in NFL's Pro Bowl

HONOLULU -- Deion Sanders has come up with a way to make the Pro Bowl really interesting.

Now that's quite a feat. Too bad the NFL reportedly won't let the 46-year-old former defensive back go through with his plan of playing in the annual game.

In an attempt to spice up the event this year, the league made Sanders and fellow Hall of Famer Jerry Rice team captains who will choose their rosters fantasy-draft style from a pool of players voted in by fans.

Sanders took things up a notch Monday by proclaiming on Twitter:


How much fun would that be, seeing ol' Prime Time out there once again for his ninth Pro Bowl? And just think of the ratings, especially if Rice, a 13-time Pro Bowler, joins him on the field.

But, alas, the NFL apparently is having none of it. is quoting a league representative who said Sanders and Rice “will be spending the full week with their clubs beyond the draft, attending practices, on the sidelines for game day” -- but not playing in the game.

Too bad. But maybe the NFL should consider the idea for the future -- maybe select a handful of physically able former greats and let fans vote for one of them for each team.

Seriously, guys, anything to help make the Pro Bowl watchable.

From the LA Times