DO YOU FEEL LUCKY, PUNK? Store owner turns tables on gun-wielding, would-be robber

BREMERTON -- A gun-toting, would-be robber got more than he bargained for when he tried to hit up a Bremerton grocery store Wednesday night.

The owner turned the tables on him, pulling his own gun on the thief.

The thief pointed his gun right at the woman behind the counter, but he didn’t see her husband standing next to her until a .380 pistol was pointed right at the crook’s head.

“He just came in to get money by force and he didn’t get any,” said store owner Jim Fee.

Ignoring all the signs showing support to local police and the National Rifle Association, the crook barged into Rob's Quick Stop Grocery, walking past other customers and pulled his handgun.

“My wife said something to the effect of ‘oh, no,’ and she dropped to the floor and yelled for me,” said Fee.

His wife ducked behind a counter and that’s when Jim pulled out his .380 to defend his family.

“It used to be they would simply take your money, and now they’ll take your money and kill you,” he said.

The thief lost his nerve and took off without any loot.

Thomas Ness lives nearby and he’s praising Jim’s quick actions.

“He was able to avert a tragedy,” said Ness. “Who knows what would have happened if he didn’t have a gun?”

Fee’s loyal customers are also commending his actions, which sends a clear message that criminals aren’t welcome at Rob’s.

“I didn’t get up in the morning to take somebody’s life,” said Fee. “I’m glad I didn’t have to but it came that close.”

Police say the robber might have jumped into a green Toyota with a blonde female driver. If you have information in the case, you're urged to call the Bremerton Police Department.