Dog rescued after being left chained outside Indiana home during heat wave

WESTFIELD, Ind. -- When you see something, say something.

That’s what some Westfield, Indiana neighbors did when they noticed a great Pyrenees who appeared to be in distress during a vicious heat wave.

“Someone had complained about Bear, evidently to animal services, and they went out to check on him,” said Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue Director, Jane Rose.

These images show the conditions 6-year-old Bear was left in when he was surrendered by his owner July 19.

“It was over 90 degrees. And he was chained, he’s been chained his whole life. And the person decided to surrender him rather than bring him in the house,” said Rose.

Bear has wounds on his face and ears. His coat is also matted.

“His wounds are fly strikes, from where he’s been attacked by flies while he been outside. So they just kind of start biting on him and then it develops into a big sore,” said Rose.

She’s hoping he doesn’t need surgery. But she’s worried he may test positive for heartworm and Lyme disease which could cost up to a thousand dollars to treat.

In Indianapolis, a dog must be brought inside a temperature-controlled building during:

    “Unfortunately we are in a disposable society, and it’s also with children and pets,” said Rose.

    They’re hoping Bear will be ready for his forever home in the next few weeks. In the meantime, they have a message for pet owners.

    “Please take care of your pets if you adopt them. They’re a lifetime commitment. It’s their lifetime, not yours. Bring them in when it’s hot, bring them in when it’s cold; it’s the law and you need to do that,” Rose said.

    According to Animal Control, Bear’s owner will not face any charges because he surrendered the dog.

    If you would like to donate, feel free to reach out to Indy Great Pyrenees Rescue or Bed and Biscuits Kennel.