Everett Police film their new recruitment video featuring members of the community

Everett Police Department started filming their new recruiting video Saturday morning, featuring officers, the mayor and members of the community.

FOX 13 News was behind-the-scenes of a brand-new recruiting video that Everett police hope will help fill vacant police jobs.

The goal is to show recruits that the community and Everett police have a shared mission for better, safer streets. Community members and police officers walked in the streets to show they not only support each other, but that they are one community.

"Everett's motto is 'Everett One' and we're truly one with our community. Our community is one with us," Officer Danny Rabelos said.

That is the theme of a brand-new Everett Police Department recruiting video that was filmed Saturday morning. Production crews, their cameras, people from the community and police were all ready to go.

Rabelos, a veteran officer of 23 years, said it is time to try something new.

"So people know that they can be police officers because people do love us, people do support us still, and sometimes it's a fear. I think that's why, you know, we're not getting as many people into law enforcement," he said.

His story and tattoos connect with people at first sight.

"I came from an abusive family and grew up very poor and so, superheroes were kind of my escape. We always wanted some superhero to come save us and so, my favorite actually Green Lantern. With will power, you can do anything right," Rabelos told FOX 13 News.

It's that connection with the people of Everett that brought so many to the film shoot, even on a gray weather day.

"I've been to prison three times and the officer, his name's Danny, the one who's standing on the car. He's the one that sent me to prison the first time and, like, he knows me very well, so like, I used to drugs and, you know, do bad things. But now, like, I've changed my life around, and I'm in treatment," neighbor Mark O'Donnell said.

Mayor Cassie Franklin got teary-eyed as she, too, took part in the production.

"This has been a hard year for Everett. We lost Officer Rocha in the line of duty and I think the community is really what's been helping us get through this really difficult time and I think just seeing the love here is what brought that to me," she said.


Community remembers fallen Everett Police Officer Dan Rocha

A memorial service was held Monday for fallen Everett Police officer Dan Rocha at Angel of the Winds Arena.

Every frame being recorded is a way to try to fill about 20 positions. Mayor Franklin said about 50 percent of their hires in the past few years have been women or people of color. They want to continue making hires that reflect the community.

Many police departments in western Washington are vying for the same candidates by offering high pay, good benefits and retirement plans.

Rabelos hopes this video will help Everett stand out.

"I don't know if it's necessarily challenging or more of an excitement to expose stuff to new people and bring the opportunity for them that they may not have understand, 'Oh I can apply and be a police officer', so I don't see it as a challenge, it's more exciting for me," he said.

Rabelos said he encourages anyone interested in policing to do their research, explore all their opportunities and figure out what each department has to offer.

Everett police said this video should be released by June as they try to fill vacant positions in a new and different way.

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