EVNNE makes award-winning first comeback, talks music journey and more

EVNNE made their official debut in September and they’ve already returned with their second mini-album, "Un:SEEN".

After a busy 2023 with all members participating in the survival show "Boys Planet" and group activities, the members jumped right into their first comeback soon after their debut.

"We wanted to see our fans again as soon as possible, so as we were wrapping up the promotion for our debut album, we talked amongst ourselves, as well as the company, and started preparing for this comeback," says leader KEITA.

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Their second mini-album, "Un:SEEN", features five tracks, and member SEUNGEON describes the album as more "mature" and "grownup".

Comparing their two albums, he says, "With similar concepts in the two albums, I believe we were able to reaffirm EVNNE's identity and colors to the general audience."

The music video for title track "UGLY" has received nearly 6 million views online since release.

With a quick turnaround between albums, members were able to improve on certain performance aspects on stage.

"I learned how to interact with the fans as we performed for various stages during the debut promotion. I dedicated my focus to incorporating those insights and experiences while preparing for this comeback," says JIHOO.

With the group’s growing popularity, they still hope for successful futures for all the "Boys Planet" alumni.

"I look forward to a future where we continue growing together, contributing to the K-pop industry, refining the path laid by senior artists, and ultimately evolving into remarkable artists ourselves," says YUNSEO. 


The members have been busy filming content for this album promotion, but are already thinking ahead. 

"I personally think that we've always shown the powerful side of this group so far. I hope our fans will not limit their expectations to the ones we've presented so far but expect more diverse ones to come," YUNSEO adds. 

Following their interview with FOX 13, EVNNE received their first music show wins on "Music Bank" and "Show Champion".