Family on Whidbey Island counting on next stimulus check

A mom of three from Whidbey Island says financial support during the pandemic is overdue from the federal government.

"Put yourself in our shoes and see if you had my bills, and my kids, and all these things if $600 would make you feel better," said Mandie Starets-Foote.

Starets-Foote’s monthly expenses are more than $1,600, which accounts for rent, a car payment, and utility bills.

She’s also now a mom of three, after welcoming home a baby four months ago.

"Right now there’s no help for us, we need help now," said Starets-Foote.

Under the current $900 billion Covid relief package, individuals earning less than $75 thousand are qualified to receive $600 stimulus checks. Married couples earning under $150 thousand qualify to receive $600 each, with an additional $600 for each child.

"If there are two adults, both who qualify, they would get $1,200 for that household. Two adults plus one child would get $1,800 and so on," said Professor Jennifer Romich, UW School of Social Work. "So for many families, it’s more than $600."

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Romich said the stimulus payments could go toward rent and groceries, but she understands many families in Washington are financially strained and could be piling up several months of unpaid bills.

"It’ll probably be over the next few weeks," said Romich on when people may see the stimulus checks. "But hope to get to families in time to pay January bills."

Starets-Foote is hoping that will be the case, considering her last stimulus check was delayed.

"It took so long, I think I ended up getting mine 3 months after everyone else got theirs and my fiancé just got his a month ago," said Starets-Foote.

Starets-Foote has three children, and would also qualify to receive an additional $600 for each child.

On Monday, the House approved a bill that would increase stimulus payments to $2,000. It’s now up for consideration in the Senate.