Fish and wildlife officials search for answers in dead-duck dump

MONTESANO, Wash. -- Officials are trying to find out why more than two dozen ducks were shot, not used for meat and dumped across from a fish and wildlife office.

Three white garbage bags filled with ducks were found Dec. 26 on State Route 12 near Montesano, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife officers said.

The bags contained 28 ducks, including 8 hen mallards, 18 drake mallards and two smaller birds. The ducks were shot with a shotgun. None of their meat was harvested.

Fish and wildlife officer Warren Becker said "wildlife wastage" is a misdemeanor crime, and they're trying to figure out who left the ducks.

It's legal to hunt the ducks in the area, Becker said, and it's possible four people limited out and somehow lost them on the roadway before the meat was properly harvested.

"It's difficult to say what someone's intentions were," Becker said. "It's possible they could have harvested them but just never got around to cleaning them."

The ducks were left across the road from a WDFW office, begging the question if the birds were left in the spot on purpose.

Becker said it's hard to know for sure.

"That's a possibility that someone brought up," Becker said when asked if the birds could have been dumped to send a message. "I can't say yes or no."

Anyone with information on the dumping is encouraged to call WDFW police at 360-902-2936. Tipsters might be eligible for a cash reward.