Flooding in East King County closes roads following relentless rain

The new year has brought a familiar weather pattern to the Pacific Northwest, rain - and lots of it!

One area on Monday in Western Washington that has seen the worst flooding is East King County. Southeast 24th Street in Carnation is shutdown with deep standing water on the roadway. 

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The Snoqualmie River that runs through the valley in Carnation has crested and the valley swamped. Floodwaters could be seen near The Blue Heron Golf Course, and the West River Rd. looks like a river.

In nearby Fall City, the Raging River is living up to its name, running high and fast due to all the recent rain. 

Just down Preston Fall City Rd., Dike Rd. is shut down due to flooding. Across the Snoqualmie River from there, so is Southeast Fish Hatchery Road. A closer look reveals part of the roadway washed away and is in need of repair.

Further east on SR 202, the winding road to Snoqualmie Falls, mother nature is putting on quite a show. Curious visitors came out to capture photos and a memory of the falls like they’ve never seen it before. 

"There’s a lot of water," said one person. 

"We’ve been up here before, but this is the most impressive we’ve seen it," said another. 

And maybe it takes a sight like this waterfall, and someone born and raised in the region, like Benson Rogers, to provide perspective on our recent rain. 

"We have our good days and our rainy days," said Rogers, a Sammamish resident. "And they’re all good days as far as I’m concerned." 

A good reminder that rainy days don't have to be so bad after all.