Get ready Puget Sound, the region could see 2 weeks of no rain

SEATTLE -- A start of a new weather pattern could bring nearly two weeks of dry and cool air to Puget Sound, but the trade-off will be morning fog and the potential for bad air quality.

Q13 News Chief Meteorologist Walter Kelley said we should all expect "dry, cold mornings, sunny, foggy and poor air quality for the next 7 days and beyond."

The reason? A ridge of high pressure will create an increasing amount of stability in our atmosphere.

"What will happen is you get these big domes of high pressure that come over the top" Kelley explained during a Facebook Live Sunday.

The high pressure then traps the air mass between the Olympics and Cascades.

"Sometime during these patterns, the air quality suffers a bit and we may have some burn bans later in the week, Kelley said.

Q13 News Meteorologist Rebecca Stevenson said, "clear skies will become foggy in the valleys without wind to mix up the muck. Expect some clearing Tuesday and Wednesday but Thursday through the weekend will become increasingly cloudy."

Aside from the morning fog, Kelley said it's going to be much cooler with lows near 32 degrees and highs near 48.

"It looks cold each morning this week so ice scrapers will need to be handy," Kelley said.

The thick fog could create flight delays at SeaTac International Airport if officials need to slow down the number of arriving and department planes due to the visibility.

But the overall good news is that we will be dry and there will be some nice sunny weather.

Kelley said it had rained 28 out of the last 33 days. Adding, "this is very normal, by the way, to have an extended period during the winters of dry weather. It happens at least twice during the winter."