Grandmother who confronted carjacker: 'I exited the hood and my butt was right smack in the middle of the street'

SEATTLE -- A grandmother who jumped onto the hood of her car to stop a thief didn’t think he would drive off.

Donna Crews, 66, grabbed onto the windshield wiper blades as the carjacker drove down her street Monday afternoon.

"I thought that he would decide this wasn't worth it and he would stop and run, but that is not what happened," said Crews.

Crews said she stepped out of her car to throw out some trash when the man jumped into the driver seat. The doors were locked so she grabbed onto the hood. Witnesses said the man sped off with Crews on the hood and that she fell off when he took a sharp turn.

"I don't know that I let go, but I exited the hood and my butt was right smack in the middle of the street," said Crews.

She suffered a broken leg and needed staples to close a gash on the back of her head.

Seattle police arrested the suspect after a chase, which ended in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood. Investigators said he intentionally rammed two police cars during the pursuit.

Crews said she just reacted and doesn’t regret trying to stop the man.

"I feel blessed to do crazy things and not have too many severe injuries as a result of it," said Crews.