History teacher removed after 9/11 conspiracy links found on school website

WOODBRIDGE, N.J. — A New Jersey history teacher was removed from the classroom Wednesday afternoon after officials discovered suspicious links on his section of the school's website.

Along with quotes by George Washington, WPIX-TV found a handful of dead links posted on teacher Jason Ali's "Supplemental Materials" section on the Woodbridge High School website.

If students copied and pasted the urls into a browser, they would be taken to a page for "The Middle East Research Institute." The page not only has anti-Semitic headlines and articles, but also a main headline from the Saudi Daily that reads the "U.S. Planned, Carried Out 9/11 Attacks."

Dr. Robert Zega, Superintendent of Woodbridge, New Jersey schools gave the following statement to WPIX minutes after becoming aware of the links:

"It's upsetting... that somebody would do this. It's upsetting that somebody would, especially a teacher, would distribute this message. It is is absolutely not something that the district agrees with in anyway."

Ali also had a link to an article titled, "U.S Planning 9/11-Style Attack using ISIS In Early 2015 — Like It Did Using Al-Queda in 2001."

"We took swift action and the links are coming down as we speak and if.. if... the investigation proves out then the teacher will be disciplined severely," Zega said.

When asked if Mr. Ali will be teaching Thursday? Zega simply said, "No."