'I'm concerned to find out who got shot:' Police investigate deadly shooting in Lake Stevens

One man is dead, and another man is in Snohomish County Jail after a shooting at the Lake Stevens Manor apartments.

Police say officers arrived at the 12700 block of 16th Street Northeast after 3:30 am on Sunday.

"It's very unusual for a shooting around here," said Mike Calkins.

Calkins says he heard sirens and saw flashing lights from first responders who arrived at Lake Stevens Manor.

After detectives interviewed two men, LSPD says it had probable cause to arrest a 22 year-old man.

"We saw one of the Lake Stevens officers bring the guy over to his car in handcuffs," said Colby Masters.

Masters says he was staying with his girlfriend Faith Axtman when they were woken up by the active investigation happening next to their building.

The Snohomish County Jail roster shows a 22 year-old man was booked for 2nd-degree murder before 9 am Sunday.

Records show he is due in court Tuesday afternoon.

FOX 13 is not naming him since he has not yet been charged.

Investigators have also not named the male victim.

"I'm concerned to find out who got shot," said Masters. "I'm glad they were able to find him and make sure he didn't go out and run around."

If you have any information about this homicide, contact the Lake Stevens Police Department at LSPD@lakestevenswa.gov or by calling the LPSD Tip Line at (425) 622-9369.