'It should be offensive to everyone': Racist flyers pop up in Seattle's Columbia City neighborhood

SEATTLE – Community activists are taking a stand after racist flyers went up over the weekend in Columbia City.

The flyers were taped over Black Lives Matter signs in the neighborhood. It used racist language, graphic images and referred people to a website known for white supremacy content.

Genessa Krasnow said police responded to her home, took down a report and the flyer that appeared on her Black Lives Matter sign over the weekend.

“It is a direct assault to people of color,” said Krasnow. “My wife came back in the house, tears in her eyes.”

Krasnow lives on a dead end street, and says she and her neighbors know each other well. Many of them have Black Lives Matter signs that have been up for a few years.

“As a Jewish person that’s a threat to me as well,” said neighbor David Keyes. “I don’t know what kind of violence they want to perpetrate on me or my friends of color, or my neighbors who also care about equity.”

“Black lives do matter. It should be offensive to everyone. Not just us black community, but the whites, the Asians, the Mexicans. Anyone who is over here in this neighborhood,” said M’kayla Powell, who says Columbia City is a diverse neighborhood in Seattle.

Seattle Police say this is a biased crime investigation.

Detective Mark Jamieson tells Q13 News that clearly the intent of the flyers was to intimidate or create fear in someone through racist literature and images.

“We’re all human beings and so our philosophy is to love people to be as humane as possible,” said Krasnow.

Krasnow said she has purchased 20 additional Black Lives Matter signs that her neighbors plan on putting up on their property.

On September 29, the community is coming together for a Love Thy Neighbor event between noon and 3 p.m. at the intersection of Rainier Ave South and South Ferdinand Street in Seattle.