K-Pop group 'cignature' talks summer album release and growth since debut

K-Pop group cignature rounded out the summer with their latest album, "Us in the Summer", released last month.

"The album features a youthful love story, a personal track that explores our inner sides, and a breakup song. Overall, the album revolves around the theme of girls' youthful love stories and the vibrant summer of youth," member CHAESOL says.

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Selecting the title track "Smooth Sailing" wasn’t an easy task for the members.

"We went through about 50 songs a day while selecting the title track. Interestingly, this song was one of the last ones we heard, and it was one of the stronger candidates, and we all agreed it should be the title track for our comeback," says SELINE.

The music video, which was filmed in Japan at a local school, is a bright and upbeat track which mirrors the image of the members.

When asked if they could describe the song in one word, member DOHEE says, "I choose the word 'memory', because when I first heard this song, it brought back all my memories of school days."

Since their debut in early 2020, the group has experienced a lot of personal growth, they tell us.


K-pop group 'cignature' makes long awaited comeback with "My Little Aurora"

Just over a year since their last album, K-pop girl group cignature has returned with a new mini album titled "My Little Aurora".

SEMI explains, "I noticed significant improvement in our singing during the recording process. While recording, I listen to other members recordings as I sing, and I could tell that all of their vocal skills improved. Additionally, we received feedback that our recording of the title track was better than the demo version of the song. It felt great to hear that during recording, and I was very proud of us."

The group is one member short for this album, as BELLE is competing on the upcoming survival television show, Universe Ticket.

The members had special words of encouragement for her as she competes on the show.

"I would like to assure her that we will give our best efforts, so she can also do her best without worrying about us," says JEEWON