Kenmore family organizes event to give homeless scarves this holiday season

KENMORE, WA - Friday, Dozens of friends, family members, and even strangers spent their evening together crafting hundreds of scarves they will donate to the homeless.

Bunched together tightly, taking up about a dozen tables, fingers were fast at work at The Hangar at Kenmore Town Square.

People were cutting, tying and folding, hundreds of pieces of fleece that would be sent to Mary’s Place in Shoreline.

“I really hoped people would be excited about it and come together, but I never imagined it would be this big, or be on the news,” said Maura Query.

About a year ago, Query says she was looking for charities and events to get involved in. She wanted her young daughter to be a part of the process of giving back but ran into issues with age requirements.

“If you can’t find the opportunity create the opportunity,” she said.

Query created “Scarves for Mary’s Place,” an event where the community comes together to make scarves for the homeless.

Last year was the first year and Query says they made 414 scarves.

She says this year they’re on path to make even more than that. All of the fleece is purchased by the Query family or donated by the community.

Each scarf also comes with a special note for the person receiving it.

“Letting them know this was made by a stranger for them specifically,” she said.

Query says she plans to continue this event every year.